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Hi,  My name is Laura.  I am so glad that you happened to visit my website.  I don't believe that it is by chance that you found this site...but that God led you here.  I pray you stay awhile, look around, enjoy yourself, and visit again.

Let me introduce myself....  I am happily married to a wonderful man named George, age 51.  He is my life companion and best friend.  God has place him at my side, to encourage me, pray for me, and together walk in God's perfect will for our LIVES.  I am 49 years old,  a mother and grandmother who has been abundantly blessed with six beautiful children, one boy and five girls; who range in age from 8 to 30 years old.  My grandchildren range in age from 4 to 14 years old.  I want to announce one grandbaby girl on the way (due the end of March 2009).  We are ready for another baby in the family :o) 

As God has placed each and everyone of my children and grandchildren in my life, I take very seriously the fact that I will stand before God one day giving an account of how I raised my children.  Did I do my BEST to raise them for HIM.  It wasn't an easy task raising six children in a small home, but now that I look back; they were the best years of my life.  As any person my age would say, the years went by in a FLASH.

And speaking of FLASH... Our lives do go by in a flash.  The bible says that our lives are but a VAPOR.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  We are given from day one to whenever God chooses to take us home; and it is up to US if we choose to live our life for God or ourselves.  The WORLD does seem to have a magnetic pull that calls us to live our lives for ourselves (sowing to the FLESH) full of riches, worldly fun, and material gain. But each and everyone of us WILL stand before God and give an ACCOUNT of every day of our life.  Will you stand before GOD ashamed or feel that you did your very BEST.  If your life hasn't been lived for JESUS, you can always start a new NOW.  Never put off what you can do for HIM, for you NEVER know when your days will be over.

One lie from SATAN is that you always have tomorrow.  Live for JESUS today :o)

As a little girl, I was raised in a Jewish home.  Now as a grown woman, I reflect back on my Jewish heritage with humble pride. But now I celebrate my new LIFE with Jesus the MESSIAH as my SAVIOR.  Many of the Jewish people are still awaiting the MESSIAH.  They have been told that he would come as a KING.  And HE did. They missed His coming, since in their minds HE didn't come as they expected a king would come.  Today there are many Jews who have received Jesus as their Savior and Messiah.  Please pray for those Jewish people who haven't received  Jesus as their SAVIOR (as we should pray for all people), that their eyes would be opened to the TRUTH: that JESUS is the MESSIAH, the CHRIST, the ONNOINTED ONE.

A little more about me: I am a one of those crafty persons, who enjoys scrapbooking, web page design, photography, gardening, working on our old house, or any other type of craft that can possibly be put together.  As the Lord has told me, I like to create.  Maybe that's the reason for so many children (ha ha). 

I have a small business on E-Bay where I create baby scrapbook pages and matching wall art prints.  It isn't much money, but fills that creativeness in my life that I so much love.  You may visit it by clicking HERE

 By now, you may be wondering why I even started this website.... well; for quite a while I have felt God burning a message in my heart and leading me to write down some important subjects that He says many churches do not talk much about; if at all.  In fact many churches deliberately don't mention these subjects of fear of loosing members or offending individuals.  Jesus had a way of offending (or more like convicting) those around him.  The subjects that God has been burning in my heart are not the majority...in fact; it is the minority....I mean very minority.  I am not talking from my heart in these messages; but God's heart.  I will not talk or write contrary to the Word of God.  I promise to back everything I have to say by God's Holy Word (Bible).  I will not take His word out of context, but will write the "Truth".  If you don't agree...that is okay.  God tells me it is my responsibility before Him to present His truth and after that it is up to the individual who hears or reads if he/she wants to live/apply it to their life. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't hesitate to take a look around, and please come back :o)


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